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Freedom is important! Nonetheless, finding the right minds to work collectively is even more important. 


Ba believes immensely in the power of team work!



Ba Minuzzi 

Founder and General Partner - UMANA

Ba Minuzzi is a General Partner at Barbarella Ventures, an angel fund she launched to support the growth and evolution of humanity.  With over 100 direct investments in startups, Ba has returned two funds with 5x returns, establishing herself as a trailblazer in the industry.

Ba started this fund at a time in her life when she confidently embraced her identity and her feminine self, and recognized the need to break free from antiquated laws, biases, and social conventions that limit human potential. 

Ba is committed to being practical and responsible in the world we live in, understanding that she has a role to play in creating a better future for all. She is passionate about breaking down boundaries and limitations that hold us back, and is committed to creating a more equitable and just society. 

Through Barbarella Ventures, Ba is investing in startups that have the potential to make a positive impact on society, supporting entrepreneurs who are committed to creating positive social change. Her dedication to investing in purpose-driven startups has earned her a reputation as a groundbreaker in the industry, and she is widely recognized for her expertise and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diego Azevedo

Partner & COO

Aside from being a partner under UMANA's umbrella, Diego also leads the team as Chief  Operating Officer and aims to build a sustainable business focused on impact and legacy. His previous professional experiencies working for Grupo RBS (Brazil), and IMM Sports & Entertainment (Brazil), has made him captable of contributing to UMANA in a variety of niches that are essential for the business' growth and prosperity.

On a personal aspect, it's fair to highlight Diego's profile as an Angel Investor, his connections in the sports industry, and also his passion for nature and adventurous activities. 

Diego strongly believes in consistency, hard work, empathy and transparency. We from UMANA love when he quotes, "A mission given is a mission accomplished", and this pretty much summarizes the daily routine with him. 


Douglas Silveira

Head of Operations

As a former football player Douglas developed consistency, discipline, and team working spirit to achieve high level performances. Now he applies these skills to help run the operational side at UMANA. Graduated in International Business, and currently taking a Business degree, he believes he has a daily opportunity to learn something new and improve as a human-being.

On another front, Douglas also brings awareness on impact-investing to his football network, helping football players align mission and legacy to their financial goals.

Douglas is convinced that nothing beats hard working and team effort and with those two skills combined, you can achieve anything.

Gabriel Gil

Partner & Head of Design and Communications

Graduated in Advertising from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Brazil. Having more than 15 years of experience in design, Gabriel Gil has worked in the areas of art direction, promotional marketing, endomarketing, editorial design and educational technologies. He has also worked at advertising agencies, design studio, relationship marketing company, financial institution, communication group and educational institution. 

Gil has been working with UMANA’s founder from the beginning, leading the design efforts and becoming one of the partners. He has created thoughtful and beautifully designed materials for all of UMANA's verticals, as well as for UMANA’s family members, funds, non-profits, and startups. He is extremely adaptable to the demands, and was responsible for creating the visual identity of BABEL Ventures, Ausum Ventures, Barbarella Ventures, DuContra Ventures, UMANA Venture Studio and more.

He works directly with the CEO and COO of the Company, creating and delivering the all design and marketing needs, like decks, visual identities, websites and social media strategies. Nowadays, Gil is responsible for leading the development of communications strategies for UMANA's umbrella, and all its in-house startups, funds, and SPVs. 

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